Message of RINAT-Imaging

The nucleic acid therapeutics offer hope for patients suffering from diseases that have not been treated before.  

Control biodistribution and pharmacodynamics properties of nucleic acid therapeutics is essential to maximize its therapeutic effect and also to minimize side effects, which require micro-dosing technology in clinical trials. However, an intrinsic drawback of nucleic acid therapeutics is its susceptibility to digestion to a number of fragments, thereby micro-dosing technology for nucleic acid therapeutics has not well developed.

Prof. Shigeki Sasaki at Kyushu University, a founding member, has developed an innovative technology that can chemically modify the desired position of nucleic acids with various functional groups including radioisotopes. Radiolabeled nucleic acid therapeutics have potential to quantitatively understand pharmacodynamics and biodistribution in the micro-dosing technology, and therefore, may speed up the development and clinical trial of nucleic acid therapeutics and delivery.

Mission of RINAT-Imaging

Our technology enables and sequence- and  base selective radioisotope labeling of guanosine, adenosine, and cytosine, which should be useful to study pharmacokinetics and biodistribution of nucleic acid therapeutic candidates.

Company profile

Company name RINAT Imaging
President and CEO Yoshinori Tanaka
Chief Technology Officer (CTO) Shigeki Sasaki
Head Office 1-1-1 Centenary Park, Kurume, Fukuoka Prefecture
Established 1st July 2019